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This is one the early solid state pinball machines made by Stern. This is the same Gary Stern that is still making pinball machines today. It was designed by Steve Kirk, who also designed Meteor. This game featres 5 star targets, 2 drop target banks, and 2 spinners. The spinners increase in value, one of them points per star you have lit.

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Those machines aren't worth very much these days. Many Elvis collectors have longed for an Elvis pinball machine for years. There was one made overseas years ago, but they are EXTREMELY rare, especially here in the US. I used to be able to sell the "Alive" pinball machines like you are talking about for about $ to hardcore Elvis. It's trite to say, but your pinball machine is worth as much as someone else will pay for it. BUT it's nice to know the market. It's nice to have a starting point - an idea of worth and value. Ebay only data website price guides are nice but the market has many other sites selling pinball machines including dozens of online auction sites. For restoration only, the cost to fix a pinball machine could be as little as $5 for a plastic polish kit, and with careful cleaning, an old machine could look as good as new. For replacement parts, you might find a pack of 20 light bulbs online for around $10, and many other smaller parts on there, like ball shooters or coin mechanisms.

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Don't risk buying an second have Arcade Machine without getting a warranty. This Machine has been fully tested and is % Working Perth Arcade Machines Malaga Drive Malaga Phone: (08) ***** Mobile: Comes complete with 60 classic Arcade Games Games List Pacman www.ucheba-service.rur Kong Kong Junior Kong 3 www.ucheba-service.ruan . Balls: a new pinball will make your pinball playfield last longer. Pinballs use 1 1/16" balls. Pitch and bats usually use either 7/8" (pre) or 3/4" ( and later) balls (game specific.).